Solo Exhibitions

2022   U Have 2 Laugh, Nyack Library, Nyack, NY. USA 

2019    I Have Never Been In A City Like This, Art Cafe, Nyack, NY. USA

Group Exhibitions

2021    Opening Show, Glitter Thicket, Nyack NY. USA

2017    Autumn Rising, Roost Studios, New Paltz, NY. USA

2017    Retrospective Show, The Beast With A Million Eyes Gallery, Nyack, NY. USA

2016    Nyack Alumni Show, The Beast With A Million Eyes Gallery, Nyack, NY. USA

Published Illustrations 

"Please Be Seated: Sally Field Book a Letdown" illustrations,, October 5, 2018

"Please Be Seated: The Key to Oscar Nominations" illustrations,, August 24, 2018

"Please Be Seated: Passion is Key to Great Documentary" illustrations,, August 10, 2018

"Please Be Seated: New 'Mamma Mia!' Not a Guilty Pleasure" illustrations,, July 27, 2018

"Please Be Seated: Why Do Summer Blockbusters Bite"illustrations,, July 13, 2018

"Local Scene: Nyack Motorcycle Expo" article and illustrations, , June 10, 2018

"Origins" story and illustrations Pink Monkey Issue 3 2017. p18-23

"Pyrenees Refuge" illustrations Pink Monkey Issue 3 2017. p25-30

"The 8 (Living) Supreme Court Justices Ranked By Sexual Kinkiness" illustrations Pink Monkey Issue 3 2017. p78-88

illustrations throughout. Pink Monkey Issue 2 2016. cover-p4,p8-p19,p28,p36,p42,p50,p60-63

“The Legend of the Pink Monkey” illustrations Pink Monkey. Issue 1 2016. p4-8

“Multimodal Pain Treatment” illustration Painview. vol.12/no.2 2016. p4

“Paint Management 2 Decades Later” illustration Painview. vol.12/no.2 2016. p9

“Provider Attitudes and Opioids" illustration Painview. vol.12/no.2 2016. p12

“Implementing a Pharmacist...” illustration Painview. vol.12/no.2 2016. p19

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