Emma Caster-Dudzick

I'm a smorgasbord of delicious creativity (ew??)

I work in advertising as a copywriter. Accustomed to the lifelong tight-rope-walk on the line between writing and art, I feel especially adept to coming at creative ideas without fear or boundaries.  

Besides my 9-5, I'm co-art director, designer, and Illustrator-in-Chief of Pink Monkey Magazine, an arts and literature magazine with a love for the absurd. We print biannually, with hopes of providing a place for young artists and writers to stretch their legs. We have 5 issues in print currently. 

I am a painter, and especially enjoy painting large, colorful works, and have been in several shows.  

I also write and illustrate for my humor blog Garbage Review, and have written and illustrated for publications like Nyack News and Views.

Some photos of me to help make it seem like I'm real:

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